About Me

Hi, Friends!

Welcome to my blog!! This is my little space on this vast world wide web.

I’m Ann, and I’m so thrilled that you stopped by today. This is where I will share what is going on in my kitchen and around the home front.

I have been married to my pretty awesome Husband The wiz for over 7 years now. We have three kids: Jonathan, Jade and Jocelyn. There will never be an apt description for my 3 little love bugs. We wake up proud and go to bed content because of them. #ProudMommaBear!!! We also have a dog, his name is Mr. Snicker.

In a fearless moment, I told my husband to help me set up my blog and he enthusiastically walked me through it step by step. So here is my promise, I will always openly share from my dinner table and heart.

So now that I have officially over shared, I hope you have gotten to know better. The concept for this blog came about when The wiz and I first got married. As a young married couple, we thought we needed to finally get this cooking thing under our belts. Well, I went to Barnes and Noble and literally bought 20 cookbooks. From that moment forward we rarely ate out because the satisfaction of making a meal at home was way more valuable than eating out. A spark was lit and that grew into a flame. I am so excited to finally have this space where I can share from my table, with love.  I usually post about  3-4 times a week.



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