Do what you love- in 2017


Me: Bae I am tired.

Bae: I know! What do you want to do?

Me: Rest!

Bae: Rest is for the dead.

Me: …… True! 

Bae: do what you love in 2017. Go and execute.

That is why I love my husband. He has a way of cutting through my inner monologue and making me focus. That is just one of the perks of being married to someone who truly knows you.

So I have been missing from the blog for a while. I kinda had to get over myself a bit. 2016 has been a mess.  I had to really think about what I wanted this blog to become. For a bit I lost this spark that drove me to start. The joy in posting was gone. And the wave of apprehension hit me when everything was just coming in focus. I found that I was filled with self doubt and that is so not who I am.


I mean we just starting ranking for my grandma’s buttermilk biscuits. Like we made it to the 1st page of GOOGLE. That was my only goal. Like in life! Seriously! I’m keeping it . So I had to readdress my goals. Big time! I didn’t start this blog with any super big expectations. When I started, I didn’t know a thing about photography(First time picking up a DSR was to take pictures of these biscuits) or blogging ( I only read them) or building a website (My hubster had to take it slow with me) or writing (obviously) or sharing (Horribly introverted) or marketing (Kinda social media newb). I had to take a few weeks to look within.

Whenever I get stumped I have to self evaluate. First, I had to start cooking without my camera again. Secondly, I had to eat without writing about the food. I had to go back to the basics: Cooking and Eating. Just having fun again. 

What I found was that I love those things. I lost sight of what was my idea of food. And I kinda had to pull myself together and find that drive again. You know when you have hit a wall, you have to either give up and punch your way through? Like in Kill Bill?

I have always been a fighter. I’ve found that I don’t give up and things I love. So with the time off I realize I want this.

I love this blog.

I love this space.

I love you guys.

Bring on 2017!!

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  1. Nakia Wallace says:

    I tried your oxtail and butter beans recipe. It came out fantastic. I did a couple of things different. I added a little more tomato paste & I brown the oxtail in my deep fryer with a little bit of flour. Other than that, It came out wonderful. I don’t need to buy it from Golden Krust anymore. Thanks, Ann

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