Currently Happening #2


currently happenings #2 is a weekly recap of allthe random things that are going on around and in my personalize. Links are to follow.

I just realized that I am in the last stretch of the kids summer vacation. They are going back to schooling 4 weeks, which is kinda crazy. This summer vacation went by so quickly. and it also means that this is the last happening for the month.

Funny story:

I have a Goodreads account. And I haven’t updated it in a while. so I logged in and saw all these smutty romance novels on my account. So I totally thought I was hacked. I did a little digging and found out that my grandmother has been using my kindle to read smutty romance novel. Like the worst! I kind of embarrassed because now people think I read- “the billionaire boss bought baby” lol! I love her so much.

This summer fruit toast recipe is truly as simple as it sounds. I love summer fruits. Everything seems juicer and more flavorful in the summer months. So mix and match all you want. Just have fun with it!


Currently Watching:

Netflix: To The Bone- I literally cried through this whole movie. When I was in my teens I struggled with my weight. I would over- eat then follow it with under eating. I would use my weight to manage all the emotions I felt. It was complex and thankfully my mom took me to a counselor every Saturday. it was hard. I would’ve to sit here and say it is over but it isn’t. I still have to cope. Thankfully, I learned other ways to manage. The irony of me now getting paid to eat and create dope food isn’t lost on me. I can’t believe I am publishing this. But you will always get complete and total honesty here.  So on a lighter note- Moana

Amazon Shopping:

Jade’s bookbag is a CATastic =>> check it out here:

Jonathan’s bookbag sums up my favorite son =>>

I got a new ice-cream scoop! I’m super excited. Wait is that odd? =>>

Although I didn’t need it I got it none the less. =>>

Blogs I really enjoyed this week:

Amanda’s oven roasted corn on the cob looks great.

Not only does she share the name of my baby girl but she has a great blog too. Jocelyn has such a happy blog space.

I hope you guys have a great weekend and wonderful upcoming week.

Peace and Love,




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