Zoodles with Red Pepper Sauce


It might be the cold weather outside but I have been craving big bowls of warm foods. This sauce is everything. It is vegan but you honestly won’t miss a thing. So let me get this straight the sauce is quick, creamy, tangy and a little spicy—  I mean, what more could I possibly want? Oh, maybe the added bonus of it being gluten-free and wheat free? Basically, it is a pot full of vegetables.

And I keep getting the question where do you get protein from if the meal is vegan? First, protein isn’t exclusive to meat and secondly, beans have on par as much protein as a steak but without the bad stuff. I have always added beans to vegetarian meals because they are just jampacked with good stuff. I feel like they got a bad wrap in the past but give beans a try.

I hope you guys enjoy this quick and easy meal. It is jam-packed with good nutrients and loaded with tons of flavor.

Peace and love!



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